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FEBRUARY 26, 2016

3 Keys to School Accountability

The Elementary & Secondary Education Act of 2015 (ESSA) presents a tremendous opportunity for states to retool their school accountability frameworks to be more flexible and to reflect a broader definition of what it means for a school to be successful for students and parents. It's also critical, however, that states hold a high bar for success that is predicated primarily on student outcomes. Business leaders should be at the front of the conversation, ensuring that state leaders strike the right balance. As future employers, business leaders know firsthand that schools must prepare graduates with the skills and knowledge to be successful in today’s workforce and the creativity and curiosity to imagine the industries of tomorrow.

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FEBRUARY 3, 2016

Idaho Working Toward "Go-On" Goal

Rod Gramer, head of Idaho Business for Education, said research shows that by 2020, 60 to 70 percent of the jobs in Idaho will require a post-secondary degree or certificate, and we’re not there. “The need for our employers is real – we need an educated workforce,” Gramer said. “Not achieving this goal has serious ramifications for our business community.”

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JANUARY 4, 2016

The Counterfeit High School Diploma

While the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) preserves and protects some critical practices to improve student learning, it also has some persistent shortcomings. “Most states still have weak curriculums and graduation requirements that make high school diplomas useless and that leave graduates unprepared for college, the job market or even meeting entry requirements for the Army,” writes the NYT Editorial Board.

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DECEMBER 17, 2015

America Succeeds Expands Team

America Succeeds is excited to announce the addition of two new team members. Eric Lerum, formerly Vice President of National Policy at StudentsFirst, is joining our team as Vice President of Growth & Strategy. Also, Lauren Cole is a recent graduate of Cornell University and will serve as Project Director to support the home office and all affiliates.

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DECEMBER 9, 2015

America's Best (and Worst) Cities for School Choice

A new report by The Thomas B. Fordham Institute reveals that “more than twelve million American students exercise some form of school choice by going to a charter, magnet, or private school—or opting for homeschooling—instead of attending a traditional public school,” and makes clear that “some cities are significantly more ‘choice-friendly’ than others…and some are downright hostile.” Cities were evaluated based on: political support, policy environment, and quality & quantity of choices. We are glad to see three of our affiliate states represented in this top 30 list—Colorado, North Carolina, and Indiana.

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NOVEMBER 18, 2015

Staying the Course on Higher Standards

In Colorado, the first round of Common Core-aligned test scores are in, and Colorado Succeeds has some important perspective to offer. Having implemented higher standards for students at every grade level, it is not at all surprising that scores were underwhelming on the new and more rigorous test. The good news is that we are now aware of, and honestly reporting, true proficiency levels, which are troubling, and which were masked by the score inflation of the previous state test. In this blog post and video, Colorado Succeeds explains why the new tests are critical to providing students what they need and deserve from our schools.

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SEPTEMBER 24, 2015

Sense Vs. Nonsense

From the Desk of Tim Taylor:
This is a worthy read—a rant and lots of colorful comments on one of the blogs I follow. It addresses a question I have not been able to answer - until now. If Common Core is really just about standards, not curriculum, why are so many parents lamenting about the way their kids are learning math? The example here focuses on the “base-ten system” and, like any standard, there are multiple ways to teach it. But because it is a new standard, any curriculum will likely be new to parents. This is the story of a nonsensical argument against the Common Core, and the effective and entertaining response it inspired. As you’ll see, it’s not the way kids learned math decades ago, but turns out the base-ten system actually makes a whole lot of sense.

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JULY 28, 2015

New Normal

The Evolving Link Between Learning and Earning:
Connecting postsecondary and workforce data is critical to preparing students for careers that will earn them a living wage. How well is our nation’s education system aligned to the realities of the 21st century workforce and globally competitive economy? Well, just ask any parents whose kid has had to move home to live in their basement after graduating college in the last several years. There’s a popular phrase that makes a powerful point: learning is earning. It’s true. The more education you have, the more likely you are to become and remain gainfully employed, and thus climb higher up the economic ladder.

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JUNE 18, 2015

ESAs: New Frontier of School Choice?

One of the many important policies to come out of this year’s legislative session in Nevada is one that expands school choice significantly. Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) put the power of choice into the hands of all families, regardless of income and circumstance, making them empowered education consumers. Clint Bullock of the Goldwater Institute penned this informative op-ed in the Wall Street Journal. It does a sound job of explaining how this policy works, and its larger implications nationwide.

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JUNE 1, 2015

Why Failure is Crucial for a Student’s Success

John Merrow, the Education Correspondent for PBS NewsHour and President of Learning Matters, writes a compelling piece on how students learn invaluable academic lessons and life lessons from failing at a task, as long as they are able to assess their missteps and take corrective action.

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APRIL 14, 2015

LinkedIn Jumping Into The Education Business

Human resources and professional networking site LinkedIn appears to be broadening its horizons by way of a little education. The company announced today that it struck a deal to buy online career-skills education company for about $1.5 billion. The Wall Street Journal reports that the acquisition, which is expected to close this quarter, marks LinkedIn’s biggest deal to date.

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Million Dropouts
Some 1.1 million American students drop out of school every year.
Nearly 44 percent of dropouts under age 24 are jobless, and the unemployment rate of high school dropouts older than 25 is more than three times that of college graduates.
Each cohort of dropouts costs the U.S. $192 billion in lost income and taxes.
Of Employers
report that new employees with four-year college degrees lacked “excellent” basic knowledge and applied skills
Our annual GDP could increase by $525 billion by closing the gap between white students and their black and Latino peers.
Less than half of American students – 46% – finish college. The U.S. Ranks last among 18 countries.

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