The Power of a Network

America Succeeds was founded on the premise that networked nonprofits are some of the most effective nonprofits in the world. By developing and supporting a network of like-minded, mission-driven organizations, America Succeeds’ state partners are able to develop holistic solutions at the scale of the problems we seek to address.

America Succeeds State Partner Network

America Succeeds’ state partners all share our commitment to preparing students to succeed in a competitive global economy and contribute to their local community.

Each America Succeeds state partner is an independent nonprofit organization representing the business voice for education within their respective state or region. This structure reflects our belief in the importance of change happening organically at the state level. Our team collaborates with each state partner alongside our network of national business leaders, education advocates, communities, and other stakeholders to continually improve equity, access, and opportunity in education.

State Partner Network Impact

States Represented
Business Leaders
Total Population Represented
Public K-12 Students Represented

*Data based on 2020 student enrollment data.