State Affiliates

Each of America Succeeds’ state affiliates is an independent organization representing the business voice for education within their respective state. This structure reflects our belief in the importance of change happening organically at the state level.

Although our state affiliates function autonomously, they all share our core principles and a commitment to prepare all students to compete in a competitive global economy. America Succeeds partners with each affiliate to ensure our work with them is aligned to this overarching goal. Learn more about our support services.

Strategic Engagements

While not every state or jurisdiction is right for a stand-alone affiliate, America Succeeds believes its principles-driven approach to business engagement and policy advocacy can strengthen any business effort to impact education.

In addition to our affiliates, America Succeeds provides support and technical expertise through strategic engagements. Our strategic engagements are more narrowly defined partnerships with an existing organization or group of business leaders advocating on discrete issues or over an established time period. Through these engagements, we further enhance the reach and depth of our overall network. Contact us to learn more.

Read more about our partners in the America Succeeds Annual Report.