Durable Skills as a Cornerstone of Career/Technical Education

Your speakers:

  • Amy Kardel, Senior Vice President of Strategic Workforce Relations, CompTIA
  • Brad Rhorer, Chief Talent Programs Officer, Conexus Indiana
  • Stephanie Short, Vice President of Partnerships, America Succeeds

America Succeeds and CompTIA Taking on the Durable Skills Challenge

In April 2022, America Succeeds and CompTIA joined together in a new effort to evaluate the Durable Skills that lead to success and achievement in the 21st Century workforce.

We are collaborating on ways to integrate Durable Skills into education pathways – in the classroom for future workers and in employee training for individuals already in the workforce – to prepare them for success in their careers and communities.

Currently, this means recruiting durable skills experts to help us build a rubric together. You can find out more details and apply here.

Durable Skills Support

Recent News: Durable Skills in Forbes

“In order to best help students achieve their goals as aspiring entrepreneurs, we must first help them build durable skills and understand what their passions and talents are,”

– Julie Lammers, Senior Vice President, America Student Assistance