Durable Skills Research Improves Education-to-Workforce Pathways

Although the need for inclusive, soft skills-based education and hiring was apparent long before the pandemic, COVID-19 greatly accelerated existing trends. As we look toward economic recovery, it has become even more critical to ensure every individual is prepared or upskilled with the Durable Skills necessary for long-term success in the workforce.

By focusing on common competencies instead of diverse technical needs, we have an opportunity to help a broader and more inclusive group of learners advance in career pathways for employees’ and employers’ mutual benefit.

Durable Skills Initiative

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52.5 MILLION JOBS demand Durable Skills

82M Jobs Studied

America Succeeds studied 82 million job postings from the past 2 years in partnership with Emsi

Across 22 Sectors

We analyzed demand for Durable Skills Competencies in 22 Industry Sectors using 2020 SOC-2 Occupational Data

64% Demand

64% of Jobs Postings studied requested at least one Durable Skill, which represents 52.5 million jobs across the country

What are Durable Skills?

In an era when technical skills are evolving at an unprecedented pace, there is an important set of durable ‘soft skills’ that last throughout an entire career—a combination of how we use what we know and our character skills. Based on Emsi’s database of tens of millions of employer job postings from the past two years, we started by categorizing 100 of the most in-demand Durable Skills into 10 major themes or competencies.

Durable Skills Competencies:

  • Leadership: directing efforts and delivering results
  • Character: personal and professional conduct
  • Collaboration: teamwork and connection
  • Communication: information exchange and management
  • Creativity: new ideas and novel solutions
  • Critical Thinking: informed ideas and effective solutions
  • Metacognition: self-understanding and personal management
  • Growth Mindset: improvement and aspiration
  • Mindfulness: interpersonal and self-awareness
  • Fortitude: constitution and inspiration

Durable Skills Research Findings

Durable Skills Initiative Support