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America Succeeds Update: August 2023

August in the Rear-View Mirror

August has been an exciting month at America Succeeds. Beyond enjoying the final stretches of summer exploring the great outdoors, our team has been busy advancing the Durable Skills initiative. In partnership with Learner-Centered Collaborative and the Indiana DOE, we are making progress on creating a playbook for the implementation of Durable Skills-forward learning in K-12 education. Tim Taylor’s latest blog dives into the topic of removing degree hiring requirements at the state level. Finally, BizWomen recently featured the personal story of our VP of Partnerships, Stephanie Short, in which she shares her perspective on learner journeys from education to economic mobility and what’s required to build a more efficient and productive talent pipeline.

Why States Must Remove Degree Requirement for Equitable Hiring

Our Co-founder and President, Tim Taylor, recently wrote a blog about the movement towards skills-based hiring and the critical step of removing degree hiring requirements to create more equitable hiring practices that will support and improve our workforce.

“The shift towards skills-based hiring is a crucial step toward creating an equitable U.S. workforce. We have the opportunity to usher in a new era where competency, not just credentials, defines employment if we align around a common vision and pool resources across state lines to take meaningful action and challenge the status quo.”

Read the full blog post here

Employability Skills and Career Readiness in Indiana

Our work in Indiana on Durable Skills continues – this month we’re partnering with the Indiana Chamber of Commerce and regional business groups to engage employers around the state. Through a series of workshops, we’re learning how Indiana employers are determining whether job candidates have the skills they’re looking for and what those skills are worth to the employer when making the job offer.

In Her Own Words: Stephanie Short Finds ‘Lost Learners’

Our VP of Partnerships, Stephanie Short, was recently featured in a BizWomen perspective piece. In the article she shares takeaways from her own journey as a ‘lost learner’ and why she’s so passionate about improving career readiness pathways that benefit both learners and employers.
Read the article here

And, there’s still more to come.

Keep an eye out for the Durable Skills competency framework, coming to your inbox soon. (Make sure to join the supporting coalition to receive this resource as soon as it goes live.)

In the meantime, we wanted to say thank you again to everyone who participated in the development process – 900 organizations across the country weighed in to create a ‘common lexicon’ for Durable Skills. We appreciate your support. 

Read here to learn more about the work we’ve embarked on over the past year in partnership with CompTIA.

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