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A key pillar of America Succeeds’ work is to conduct groundbreaking research that both illustrates challenges and solutions, and disseminate key findings from network partners that support others in joining the movement to transform the school-to-work pipeline.


Indiana Case Study

In 2022, the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) launched the Employability Skills Innovation and Implementation (ESII) Grant to prepare students for workforce success. This grant integrated three key Employability Skills – collaboration, communication, and work ethic, called “Durable Skills” by America Succeeds – into the state’s education system.

Aiming to inspire schools, districts, and state education leaders across the country to undertake similar initiatives, IDOE partnered with America Succeeds and Learner-Centered Collaborative to document the process. Through employer workshops and school visits, America Succeeds captured invaluable insights from educators, students, and employers involved.

This case study and video encapsulates the journey, lessons learned, and future opportunities of Indiana’s Employability Skills Initiative. We’re grateful to have contributed and invite you to explore the findings.

As we begin a long recovery, it is essential that we not only address the inequities amplified by the pandemic but also reimagine and restructure education systems to work better for all.
America Succeeds’ Equity in Education initiative targets five specific policy pillars where system change is needed and can be impactful. The five pillars encompass a broad scope that can be easily understood and embraced to increase equity across the education system.

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