America Succeeds’ mission is to elevate and expand the business voice for the dramatic and continuous improvement of public education in the United States.

America Succeeds was founded in 2012 with a vision of building public education systems to prepare every student to succeed in the competitive global economy and contribute to their local community. For us, that means ensuring business leaders are engaged as education champions. It is our belief that businesses have the obligation, opportunity, and capacity to foster greater student achievement, build an educated workforce pipeline, and protect our future economic vitality.

As employers, innovators, and investors in the future, business leaders have a vested interest in improving schools. Companies rely on talented employees and thoughtful customers to achieve success. Leveraging their knowledge, resources, and unique influence, business leaders can help to drive forward ambitious, aggressive, and comprehensive education reforms.

About America Succeeds

America Succeeds is a systems-change organization that harnesses the power and influence of the business community. We support a national network of non-partisan, business-led policy and advocacy organizations committed to improving public education, which includes six state affiliates as well as a variety of partners committed to amplifying the business voice across the country.

The America Succeeds team provides policy expertise, strategic consulting, and capacity-building services to the network. Sharing our experiences and insights, America Succeeds helps network members become more effective change agents in the education policy space.

America Succeeds Core Principles

America Succeeds and its state affiliates are guided by a shared set of five core principles. These principles, which are critical to the success of any business, are equally as important in transforming the education system.


putting students first in all policies and practices


assigning direct responsibility for excellence in outcomes throughout the system


enabling public access to clear, detailed financial and performance data

Return on Investment:

effectively investing limited resources to achieve desired student outcomes

Choice & Innovation:

empowering parents and students to choose – and educators to create – the best learning environments