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America Succeeds Update: February 2022

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Idaho employers most interested in ‘durable skills,’ Emsi study shows

One of our Network Members, Idaho Business for Education, launched their Durable Skills initiative this month and this story ran on the Boise evening news the next day. Give it a read and let us know if you see Durable Skills in your newsfeed next!

State Superintendent, NC Chamber unveil plans to better link workforce and K-12

In North Carolina, Durable Skills showed up in the news when the State Superintendent Truit explained how the state’s new strategic plan – Operation Polaris – centers education in the context of workforce development and economic competitiveness. 

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Focusing on our Team Values

Every day we live by our Team Values, and last week we decided to focus on the latter half of ‘Work Hard. Play Hard.’ Snowshoeing to a mountain lake was a great way to spend the day – what a way to refuel and reflect on the changes we are working towards in 2022. 

The answer to today’s quiz is C. Durable Skills. We are rapidly gaining momentum on this movement and encourage you to join the initiative (or share with others) on our website.

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