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America Succeeds Update: February 2023

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America Succeeds Headed to SXSW EDU

74% of GenZ want to earn skills that will lead to a good job, and 81% of employers believe they should look at skills rather than degrees when hiring. But in order to get there, we need to create a system to validate a variety of postsecondary credentials.

At the upcoming SXSW EDU conference, join us with American Student Assistance (ASA), Skillsline, and Mastery Transcript Consortium for a panel discussion to hear what it would take to validate the mastery of skills coming out of high school for employment and shift the narrative on what to look for when evaluating skills. 

Register to attend the panel session,“Verifying Qualified Candidates: Proof of Skills,” on March 7 at 2:30 p.m. CT!

Durable Skills Events Coming to You

In partnership with CompTIA and Common Group, we are creating a rubric that will assist employers, educators, and young people in aligning with the Durable Skills required to succeed in the modern workplace. As we continue to work towards finalizing this rubric, we look to you, our community, to give us feedback and commentary at local and virtual convenings across the country beginning next month.

These feedback events include business leaders and other key stakeholders. We hope you’ll consider joining us for one of our virtual sessions on April 6 or April 10. Click either date to RSVP!

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