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America Succeeds Update: March 2023

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Equitable Hiring: Why Durable Skills Matter More Than 4 Year Degrees

America Succeeds VP of Partnerships Stephanie Short shares the latest on hiring trends and Durable Skills in the news this month on

In the article, Stephanie dives into the why behind skills-based hiring, and shares 4 key takeaways on hiring for durability over technical ability.

Is there a 5th takeaway you’ve experienced as a leader that uses skills-based hiring? Let us know! In the meantime, you can read the full article here.

Durable Skills Feedback Workshops have begun!

In partnership with CompTIA and Common Group, we are creating a rubric that will assist in supporting the development of Durable Skills. As we continue to work towards finalizing this rubric, we invite you to give us feedback and commentary at local and virtual convenings across the country.

These feedback events include business leaders and other key stakeholders. We hope you’ll consider joining us for one of our virtual sessions on April 6 or April 10, or at an in-person session near you.

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ASU-GSV Summit 2023

We are less than one month away from ASU+GSV 2023! Our very own Tim Taylor, Co-Founder and President, and Stephanie Short, Vice President of Partnerships, are moderating and speaking on various panels:

Non-degree Pathways: Verifying Skill Competency with Tim Taylor

Skills for Tomorrow’s Careers moderated by Stephanie Short

Will we see you there?

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