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America Succeeds Update: May 2023

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Durable Skills continue to gain momentum across the country

The America Succeeds team has spent the last month continuing to build momentum for Durable Skills across the country, including these notable presentations:

Indiana Department of Education dives into skills-based schooling 

Our work with the Indiana Department of Education continues to forge ahead! We recently had the chance to interview some of the students, teachers, and leaders that are engaged in implementing new programs and curriculum across the Hoosier education system to better prepare the future workforce.

As Indiana continues this exciting pilot project for implementing strategies to help students learn durable skills (aka employability skills), we’re looking forward to sharing their stories! In the meantime, enjoy a few behind-the-scenes photos.

CAPS Network Summer Huddle

Join our partners in education forward-thinking education at the CAPS Network Summer Huddle in Utah next month! Educators and education leaders alike will benefit from this incredible 3 days of learning and inspiration.

Tickets and details can be found here.

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