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Business Roundtable | CEO Solutions for Closing the Skills Gap

In a new report by the Business Roundtable—Work in Progress: How CEOs Are Helping Close America’s Skills Gap—some of the nation’s foremost business leaders go on record to reveal what their respective companies are doing to address the nation’s growing disconnect between skills taught in school and skills needed in the workplace. Employers can no longer afford to wait while the traditional K-12 and collegiate education systems catch up. On the whole, the nation is not producing enough of the well-qualified workers needed to fill today’s in-demand jobs. Some future-focused CEOs are taking matters into their own hands and creating innovative solutions through internal training, partnerships with learning institutions, apprenticeships, and degree at work programs.

The report calls much-needed attention to how this skills gap is “holding our economy back and threatening our economic future.”

Full story and report here:

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