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Conference Recap: Career Education Convention & CAPS Summer Huddle

There is nothing like being surrounded by a group of forward-thinking educators and industry leaders who share our passion to inspire the future of education and workforce development. Our team recently had the honor of presenting at the 2024 Career Education Convention and the CAPS Summer Huddle, two key events in career and technical education. Continue reading to explore our insights and key takeaways from the events.

“Scaling Employability Skills through Higher Education”

On June 12th, our very own Tim Taylor, Co-Founder and President of America Succeeds, moderated a compelling panel at CEC. Joined by Michelle Clarke from the Indiana Department of Education and Sylvester Chisom of Global CTE Learning, the panel explored the critical role of durable skills in preparing students for lifelong success.

Key Takeaways:

  • Durable Skills Framework: The session emphasized the importance of durable skills—developed during K-12 education, refined through higher education, and essential throughout one’s career. Tim highlighted our Durable Skills Advantage Framework, which can support more inclusive hiring practices.
  • Implementation in Education: Sylvester Chisom offered practical insights into integrating durable skills into curricula and certification programs, stressing the need for inclusive hiring and equitable opportunities.
  • Case Studies and Initiatives: Michelle Clarke shared compelling examples from Indiana, illustrating how durable skills initiatives are building a diverse, competitive workforce.

The session concluded with an engaging Q&A, providing participants with actionable strategies and valuable resources, including a comprehensive slide deck and panelist takeaways.

“From Research to Practice: Embracing Durable Skills for Education and the Future of Work”

On June 24th, Michael Crawford, our VP of Strategic Initiatives, hosted a session at the CAPS Summer Huddle with Corey Mohn, CAPS Network President and Executive Director. The session focused on the critical role of durable skills in education and highlighted our pioneering research in high schools nationwide.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding Durable Skills: Michael and Corey discussed the importance of durable skills for K12, postsecondary, and the emerging future of work. Unlike technical skills, which can become outdated, durable skills are timeless and transferable across various contexts and careers.
  • The Research Practice Collaborative: Michael highlighted our research on durable skills, emphasizing their importance in high school programs and beyond, and their role in driving student success in the workforce.
  • Impact on CAPS Programs: The session provided actionable insights on integrating durable skills into CAPS programs, ensuring students are well-equipped for future careers.

Attendees left with a clear understanding of the significance of durable skills in education and the evolving job market, areas for improving CAPS programs, and steps to effectively enable durable skills development. 

Join the Conversation

We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with such dedicated leaders and are inspired by the collective passion for preparing students for future career success. Thank you to the leaders within CEC and the CAPS Network for inviting us to these incredible events that pave the way for change!

Did you attend either of these sessions? We’d love to hear your thoughts or key takeaways! Email us at

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