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Embracing Change and Empowering the Future with the Durable Skills Advantage Framework

As we turn the page to a new chapter in the journey of America Succeeds, we are excited to welcome the fresh perspectives of Alicia Boddy and Michael Crawford to our leadership team. 

This transition comes at a crucial time as America Succeeds continues to champion the Durable Skills Advantage Framework, an innovative tool designed to redefine how we value and cultivate talent in today’s workforce. Alicia and Michael’s arrival comes as we bring increased energy and focus on integrating this Framework into the fabric of our work moving forward.

The Durable Skills Advantage Framework: A Cornerstone for Future Initiatives

At its core, the Durable Skills Advantage Framework is more than just a set of definitions – it’s a catalyst for systemic change in the way education and workforce development intersect. As we embrace this period of transition, the Framework serves as our North Star, guiding our efforts to ensure that every individual has the opportunity to thrive in an ever-evolving economic landscape.

The integration of the Durable Skills Advantage Framework into America Succeeds’ initiatives represents a significant step forward in our mission. As we embark on this exciting journey, we’re inspired by the possibilities that lie ahead. Our team is currently focused on:

  • Strengthening Partnerships: We will continue to cultivate strong relationships with educators, policymakers, and industry leaders, driving collective action toward embracing Durable Skills in education and workforce development.
  • Conduct Collaborative Research: By partnering with solutions providers and school systems, we will gain insights and valuable learning opportunities that play a pivotal role in scaling the Framework in high-quality, student-centered ways. 
  • Proposing Innovative Solutions: Leveraging our research findings, we will explore innovative solutions to the pressing challenges facing today’s learners and tomorrow’s workforce, ensuring that Durable Skills are at the heart of educational and professional growth.
  • Advocating for Change: Through strategic initiatives, we will advocate for systemic changes that recognize and value the importance of Durable Skills, promoting policies and practices that facilitate lifelong learning and economic mobility.

Looking Ahead: Energizing Our Work with Fresh Perspectives

Alicia Boddy, stepping into the role of Vice President of Partnerships, brings a wealth of experience in fostering collaborations that drive educational excellence and equity. Her leadership will be instrumental in expanding the reach and impact of the Durable Skills Advantage Framework, ensuring that it becomes a foundational element in transforming educational and workforce systems that prepare individuals for success in a dynamic job market.

Michael Crawford, joining as Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, offers a fresh perspective on leveraging innovative strategies to address the challenges at the intersection of education and workforce development. His vision will be key in aligning the Framework with strategic initiatives that contribute to the advancement and scalability of Durable Skills implementation and pave the way for a more resilient and adaptive education system. 

As we embark on this exciting journey, we’re inspired by the possibilities that lie ahead. With Alicia and Michael’s fresh perspectives, combined with the solid foundation already in place, we’re poised to make a lasting impact on the future of education and workforce development.

Stay tuned for updates on our progress and learn how you can be part of this transformative movement.

Together, let’s empower every individual to succeed. 

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