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Have you seen this sticker? Don’t be a stranger!

Whether curiosity got the best of you or you own a VW bus and follow the Dead, we’re glad you visited our site. We’re America Succeeds and we don’t want to be a stranger. We love the PIE Summit and the opportunity to make new friends. We look forward to meeting you while we’re in Austin.

Allow us to introduce ourselves. America Succeeds is a national network of non-profit, business-led policy and advocacy organizations committed to improving public education. We’re a network of six affiliates operating in seven states, all of whom are PIE members: Aligned, Arkansas Learns, BEST NC, Colorado Succeeds, Idaho Business for Education, and Oklahoma Achieves. We also partner with Empower Illinois and NewMexicoKidsCAN.

You are going to see a lot of our partners at this year’s event. You are also going to see a lot of our team… and we couldn’t be more excited to be here with you! Don’t think of us as strangers, think of us as friends you haven’t met yet.

Why Grateful Ed?

America Succeeds’ blog is called Grateful Ed. Welcome! We work hard to ensure students receive the excellent education they need and deserve. We also play hard, and we love live music. We’re not all Dead Heads, but we are Denver-based and the name came to us in a marijuana-induced haze. Not really, but it is the perfect name for a music and education blog. We hope you’ll visit the site regularly, and we encourage you to submit your concert reviews and the latest updates about your education work. Check out our recent posts here.

If you’re even a modest Grateful Dead fan, you undoubtedly recognized the “Scarlet Begonias” reference – “strangers stopping strangers, just to shake their hand.” It’s our way of saying we’d love to get to know you. So if we don’t stop you, please stop us and say hello. Like most hippies, we’re friendly and generally, smell better. 

If you’re looking for a more structured way to connect, stop by the Garnet Screening Room from 1:30 pm to 2:45 pm on Thursday. Tim Taylor, our co-founder and president, is moderating the panel discussion, “Potato, Potata: You Say Social-Emotional Learning, I Say Soft Skills” with Neil Kirschling, Kerry Savage, and Queen Nwafor. This diverse group of leaders will be discussing how they rally together around the need to ensure students can cooperate, compromise, communicate and thrive. 

Dig deeper into Social-Emotional Learning before the panel with America Succeeds newest research brief. Available in our resource library here.

Win a Grateful Ed T-Shirt

Find us anywhere around the PIE Summit and give us a business card for a chance to win an incredibly-soft and groovy Grateful Ed t-shirt. We also have stickers and all you have to do is ask for one. It’s our way of saying thanks for becoming a new friend!

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