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Letter From the President

Dear America Succeeds Community,

As a native Virginian, I love a good Southern expression and someone recently said that Durable Skills are needed, “All over, more than anyplace else.” You’ll definitely hear me use that line in the future as it captures both the scale and importance of our work and reflects why we are so deeply committed to expanding quality development and delivery of Durable Skills content.

As we reflect on the accomplishments and challenges of 2023, I am pleased to share the highlights of our work transforming education systems, championing equity, and creating pathways for every student to thrive in the evolving workforce. This year has been pivotal for America Succeeds, marked by extraordinary partnerships, tremendous growth and learning, and incredible validation that we are on the right path to improve the education-to-workforce pipeline for learners to access economic mobility and address employer demand.

One of the most significant achievements of the year is the completion of our Durable Skills Advantage Framework. Grounded in our research from 2021, this Framework represents a crucial milestone in our journey. It provides a common lexicon necessary to ensure that all individuals have the opportunities to unlock success. Developed over the course of the year, the Framework is a testament to the collaborative efforts and feedback from educators, workforce professionals, and industry leaders. It is designed to be an adaptable tool, ready for various applications, from curriculum development to professional development and evaluation, to employee training programs.

We are grateful for the unwavering support of our partners who played a pivotal role in bringing this framework to life. We were proud to watch our impact reach new audiences and gain traction across the country. We published four reports and resources, garnered a substantial following across diverse channels, and advocated for the integration of Durable Skills. Through expert interviews, podcasts, and participation in national conferences, we expanded our influence while actively contributing to important conversations related to enhancing education pathways, supporting skill-based hiring movements, and empowering individuals for success.

This year, we continued to advance state partnership work through our partnership with the Indiana Department of Education for the Employability Skills Innovation & Implementation Grant (ESII). Working with 58 schools and districts, and engaging business leaders, we weaved together our efforts around employability skills and Durable Skills to ensure every student can successfully navigate any pathway they choose. Looking ahead, we are excited to continue actively exploring opportunities in states like Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, and more.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated team, board, partners, and supporters who have made these achievements possible. The journey ahead is exciting, and with your continued support, America Succeeds will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of education.

Cheers to a year of impact and the promise of an even brighter future for all.


Tim Taylor
Co-Founder and President America Succeeds

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