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Meet 3 National Leaders on Workforce Readiness

Call it synergy. Or you can say the stars aligned. However you want to describe it, the great news is that these three innovators came together to confront the growing skills gap in the American workforce. Meet the players:

Joe Gibbs knows something about high-performing teams—from coaching the Washington Redskins to three Super Bowl victories to running Joe Gibbs Racing, one of the top NACSAR teams in the business. He has high-skills jobs to fill, but finding the talent is a challenge. That’s why he is a passionate advocate for modernizing job training and creating pathways for aspiring workers.

Brian Jones is President of Strayer University and he is leading the higher education industry with his Degrees@Work program plus innovative apprenticeships for students. Strayer is providing customized workforce solutions to companies needing specifically trained workers.

Tim Taylor of America Succeeds continues to leverage the business community through policy and advocacy to demand and support continuous improvement in the nations education-to-workforce pipeline. On a mission to turn business leaders into education champions, America Succeeds is the nation’s leading force for mobilizing the business sector to improve schools.

The three joined forces in Charlotte, North Carolina to convened a group of talent-seeking executives for a candid conversation about the problem, and more importantly, some creative solutions. The Charlotte Business Journal was there and here is what they had to say: Coach Gibbs, D.C. university team up to fight skills gap.

*Photo Credit: Melissa Key, Charlotte Business Journal
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