EDventure Summit

EDventure is our one-of-a-kind annual summit designed to expand your mind and feed your soul.

EDventure has been described as one of the most fun and unique professional conferences in the nation. By invitation only, we convene top leaders, thinkers, and doers to inspire innovative problem-solving in education and the workforce.

EDventure Summit Features

In every industry that has accomplished something monumental to fundamentally change our lives, the free exchange of radical ideas has been at the root of their advances. At EDventure, we challenge our advocacy partners to push our collective mindset forward and tear down assumptions. We encourage non-conformist thinking and work past the impediments to creativity and spontaneity. Our goal is to capture, in microcosm, the power of an open marketplace of ideas to accelerate system-wide transformation.

Engaging Speakers

EDventure features a line-up of unique, inspiring, and engaging speakers, covering topics from across the education space to “living life at performance level.”


We believe in the work hard, play hard ethos, so we always take a little break to enjoy Boise through rock climbing, glass blowing, mountain biking, and more.

EDventure Prize

Participants have a chance to pitch their innovative education ideas for funding during EDventure Prize. Over the past 6 years, we have awarded more than $930K.

EDventure Summit 2019

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