Universal Demand for Durable Skills

In an era when technical skills are evolving at an unprecedented pace, there is an important set of durable ‘soft skills’ that last throughout an entire career—how we use what we know (critical thinking, communication, etc.) and our character skills.

Analysis of 82 million job postings from the past two years reveals that 7 of the 10 top requested skills are Durable Skills. And, the top 5 Durable Skills were requested in job postings 3.8 times more often than the top 5 hard skills.

America Succeeds’ Durable Skills initiative seeks to ensure every individual is prepared with the soft skills necessary for success in the workforce regardless of educational attainment, career path, or industry sector.

Durable Skills Initiative Support

Employer Perspectives on Durable Skills

The Challenge

7 Million Unfilled Jobs

America’s skills gap has been widely discussed – and the challenge has worsened with the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 7 million jobs in the U.S. remain unfilled with record levels of unemployment.

74% of Employers Agree

In a 2020 survey by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, 74% of hiring managers agree there is a skills gap in the labor market and 48% say candidates lack the skills to fill open jobs.

$1.2 Trillion in GDP

A persistent skills gap will cost the U.S. an estimated $1.2 trillion in GDP over the next decade. We must better prepare graduates with the skills needed for future success by aligning education pathways to workforce demands.

Initiative Approach & Impact

  • Analyzing millions of job postings to identify the skills most in-demand skills in partnership with Emsi
  • Uniting business leaders in collective advocacy efforts related to the universal need for Durable Skills
  • Leveraging state partners to align education pathways with real-world workforce demand
  • Catalyzing both employers and education systems to include Durable Skills in trainings and education offerings

Parents, state leaders, and policymakers are aligned in their desire to provide students a solid foundation for the future. Business leaders across industries are aligned around the skills demanded in every career. It is our belief that by working together, we can ensure that students and communities become more resilient in the rapidly evolving world of work.