Annual Report 2018

2018 was a huge year for America Succeeds. From adding a new affiliate to engaging new partners to kicking off a national conversation about what it means for our education system to be more agile, we grew in every way imaginable and we deepened our impact across our entire network.

The America Succeeds model is supported by world-class research and analysis on highly effective networks. Although meaningful change happens organically at the local level, state-based policy and advocacy groups tend to be small, scrappy, and isolated from groups doing similar work.

America Succeeds connects likeminded organizations to generate systems-level change from the bottom-up. Combined with a broad range of professional services designed to build capacity and our team’s expertise, joining the network can help increase an organization’s impact and efficiency as an agent for education change.


America Succeeds is a model for national policy and advocacy work, providing quality resources in key areas—training, scaled engagement tools, and subject matter expertise— but allowing local leaders to own their policy and politics.” – Myles Mendoza, Empower Illinois

Improving education pathways & workforce training opportunities is a high priority in most communities, ours included. America Succeeds is leading that national conversation and inspiring action through their Age of Agility initiative.” – Scott Laband, Colorado Succeeds

The work America Succeeds does at the national level, they also help us accomplish at the state level—ensuring the business community has a seat at the table when education and workforce policies are made.” Torree Pederson, Aligned

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