Indiana Case Study

In 2022, the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) launched the Employability Skills Innovation and Implementation (ESII) Grant to prepare students for workforce success. This grant integrated three key Employability Skills – collaboration, communication, and work ethic, called “Durable Skills” by America Succeeds – into the state’s education system.

Aiming to inspire schools, districts, and state education leaders across the country to undertake similar initiatives, IDOE partnered with America Succeeds and Learner-Centered Collaborative to document the process. Through employer workshops and school visits, America Succeeds captured invaluable insights from educators, students, and employers involved.

This case study and video encapsulates the journey, lessons learned, and future opportunities of Indiana’s Employability Skills Initiative. We’re grateful to have contributed and invite you to explore the findings.

Explore the Employability Skills Playbook, offering a blend of local stories and national perspectives to support employability skills development in Indiana and beyond.

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“[Learning employability skills] also helps me
understand what kind of work environment I
want to be in because…I want to make sure
I know what’s going on and I want to learn
from it and learn anything I can…it helps me
to know what kind of job opportunity I should
be looking at.”

– Mikayla, Student, Batesville High School (ESII Grantee)

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