Model Policies for Advancing Durable Skills

Our 2023 Model Policy Framework contains a suite of model policies, targeting three state policy action areas, which can be used to reshape the K-12 experience around the goal of developing students’ Durable Skills. These target areas are named: An Agile High School Model, A System Aligned with Durable Skills Education, and Quality Career-Connected Learning Opportunities.

Within each target area, we propose 2-3 model policies, informed by multiple state policies already in action around the nation. Accompanying each model policy are links to the state models and general resources used to generate our own models. States seeking to align their educational practices with Durable Skills should use these model policies to identify areas for improvement in addition to their policies that are already in place.

Model Policies for Advancing Durable Skills report cover
Download the Model Policies

“Students will be empowered to cultivate career interests and knowledge beyond classroom walls, fostering Durable Skills and technical proficiencies alike.”

Today, 89% of executives are struggling to find candidates with the Durable Skills they’re looking for, and 80% of employers signaling a preference for skills over degree.

This Framework establishes essential policy conditions to equip students with the skills required to navigate the evolving demands of the workforce.

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