No Worker Left Behind

The No Worker Left Behind: How Empowering People With Skills Can Ignite the Economy and Create Economic Mobility report examines key trends in the current workforce climate, the impact of these trends on the talent pipeline, and how we can connect learners and potential workers to thriving career paths.

In the report, we provide a wealth of data to underscore the urgency of connecting employers with untapped talent, and recommendations for action to help business leaders, policymakers, advocates, educators, and innovators seize this opportunity. Our team also highlights leaders and models already doing great work in the skills-based hiring space.

We hope you enjoy digging in.

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A successful reset will represent a win-win: Previously overlooked workers will be able to pursue attractive career pathways even without a four-year degree, and companies will be better able to fill jobs that need filling.”


– Harvard Business Review, “Skills-Based Hiring is on the Rise”

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