Equity Playbooks for Advocates

In addition to the Advancing Equity in Education report, America Succeeds created five actionable playbooks to support advocates interested in pursuing this work. Each playbook focuses on one of our five pillars of equity: recruiting and retaining educators of color, advancing equity in STEM, strengthening equity in social-emotional learning, expanding course access and options, and achieving funding equity.

The playbooks provide a useful framework for advocacy: they detail the problem, present facts and figures, highlight exemplar models, provide policy recommendations, and point to additional resources to learn more about overcoming barriers to make a difference for all kids.

Download Equity Playbooks

“We need to focus on the strengths of all our students, particularly those who have faced barriers to access and opportunity. If we invest in those students and their strengths in a broad set of skills, we can be assured for a greater chance of a thriving economy that values today’s current students for tomorrow’s workforce.” – Nithya Joseph, America Forward

Advancing Equity in Education Report

Inequity costs all of us; it steals from the future. Our full Advancing Equity in Education report is part of America Succeeds’ effort to harness the energy and commitment of the business community to advancing equity and to demonstrate that fighting for a stronger economy, a more secure future, a more vibrant and innovative workforce, and a more equitable and just society are one and the same. We believe there’s no better place to make an impact and extend opportunity than in our schools.

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