Teacher Prep Toolkit

Improving educator preparation represents an enormous opportunity for improving teacher quality. With better training, teachers can be more effective, moving us closer to ensuring every child has access to a great teacher. This toolkit is designed to give you a head start in advocating for stronger preparation.

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100% of principals reported that teacher residencies, which emphasized in-classroom experience, improved student learning and achievement and said such programs have a positive impact on their school culture.” National Center for Teacher Residencies


1 in 3

According to a 2012 survey by the American Federation of Teachers, 1 in 3 teachers felt unprepared on the first day.

Countrywide Teacher Shortages

75% of states report teacher shortages in specific areas, including STEM, special education, ESL, and world languages.

3 in 4

A 2014 survey by Teach Plus found that 75% of teachers said they were inadequately prepared for their first year.

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