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Spring Advance 2019

Each year, America Succeeds brings together the leaders of each of our affiliate organizations for a few days of team building, learning, and fun. This year we gathered in beautiful Breckenridge, CO for a couple of days in the mountains. Typically, we host multiple speakers, but this year switched things up and had one speaker for three sessions.

Alex Johnston, President and Founder of Impact for Education, led three thought-provoking sessions to push our affiliate leaders on how they can better approach their work as advocates. Over the course of two days, Alex guided everyone through exercises focused on a systems-level approach to grappling with the complex challenges of running advocacy organizations, how understanding one’s own psychology can help us become better in organizational leader roles, and the importance of collaboration in negotiation and bargaining so that both sides can meet their interests. Overall, it was great having Alex with us in Breckenridge and each of our affiliate leaders took away information that will help them become more effective leaders in their organizations.

Reflecting one of our core organizational values – “work hard, play hard, change the world” – we also made sure to incorporate some cool activities. From enjoying a delicious chef-made meal at our house, to going on a morning hike with jaw-dropping views, to ending the night at a distillery and arcade, it’s safe to say this was an unforgettable Spring Advance!  

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