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Team Outing: Take Us Out to the Rockies Ball Game

Last week on July 31, our team took time to attend the Rockies v. Dodgers game at Coors Field Stadium, just a short walk away from our office. I hadn’t attended a baseball game since I was in elementary school, and all I can remember of that experience was that it was a bit boring.

Yeah, that hasn’t really changed. At least this time, I had more awareness of my surroundings. Even though I hadn’t realized that the game was actively being played until about two innings in (I thought the teams were being friendly and practicing… Together… On the field…).

That aside, I enjoyed the energy of the crowd, I enjoyed watching the hordes of summer camp children in their neon-colored shirts, I enjoyed being out with the team, and I really enjoyed that our COO got us seats in the shade.

This experience brought to focus for me one our team’s core values, Work hard. Play hard. Change the world. As an intern in her first office job, I’m really impressed by this work culture emulated by the entire staff. America Succeeds may be a small team, but it is full of dedicated and friendly people.

Every day that I come into the office, I’m surrounded by people who work hard and passionately fight for improved education nationwide. But no one ever forgets to have fun either. I’m glad I get to spend my summer here.

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