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Tim Taylor | The London Souls

Band: The London Souls

Venue: Lost Lake Lounge

The London Souls are a two-piece rock and roll band from New York City. Back on November 8, 2016 I saw Sturgill Simpson and raved about these guys as an opening act. This was their first headlining show in Denver, performing at the Lost Lake Lounge, a great small venue on Colfax Avenue.

The lead singer has a Lenny Kravitz quality to his voice and plays crunchy guitar, but the thunderous drums and lead-quality back-up vocals sets these guys apart. One review for their last album, “Here Come the Girls” called it, “stocked from top to bottom with soulful, melodic, funky and dirty rock and roll … you know, the good stuff!”

If you want to check them out, I recommend starting with the hard-driving song “Steady” and the acoustic tune “Hercules,” which will showcase their range. Look for them in a dive-bar near you.

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