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Weathers | Cynthia Vu

Because my lucky friend keeps winning tickets to shows, I went to see Weathers at the Moon Room at Summit Music Hall in Denver, CO on June 29th. Weathers is a rock/alternative rock band that I had only ever heard one song from previously, but now I happily seek out their music. 

I wouldn’t call myself a music enthusiast. I tend to stick to a small group of favorite singers and soundtracks when I’m looking for anything to listen to, and I’m perfectly content with going days listening to nothing at all. This show was only the second concert I’d ever been to in my life (the first having been one week prior), but I had an amazing time. Weathers’ mix of upbeat, edgy, and occasionally melancholy rock is the type of music I like, and I’m glad to have discovered them.

Their show was in a small venue, with a relatively small audience, but nevertheless a clearly dedicated and loving one. The audience sang along to all the songs, including originals like “Shallow Water” and “Problems”, my personal new favorite “Secret’s Safe With Me”, and a cover of Duran Duran’s “Hungry Life a Wolf”. We dropped down to the floor and jumped up for the chorus of a yet-unreleased song, “Lonely Vampire”. There was a hilarious moment when we completely failed to properly participate in the group’s most popular song “Happy Pills” (the only one I had heard before that night) to the mock-disgust of the band, although we did manage it eventually. 

The audience’s purity of enthusiasm was charming and infectious for a first-timer, and thoroughly matched by the band. Notably, lead singer Cameron Boyle had done the entire set on a crutch. Even injured, he remained resiliently lively.

The friendly and playful atmosphere that filled the venue that night made me pleased that this was one of my first concert experiences, and I look forward to hearing what Weathers comes up with next. 

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