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FEBRUARY 24, 2015

Confusion Persists on Common Core

It’s become a political football, but raising expectations, increasing quality, and improving outcomes for America’s education system is not a game. It is important that all citizens and stakeholders understand what the new standards are and how they are applied. Currently, that is not the case. “Many Americans are confused about the Common Core State Standards,” according to a new poll that finds, “widespread misperceptions that the academic standards, which cover only math and reading, extend to topics such as sex education, evolution, global warming and the American Revolution,” according to this Washington Post article by researcher Scott Clement and education writer Emma Brown.

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FEBRUARY 12, 2015

Comparing Apples to Bananas

In light of the current controversy around so-called high-stakes testing – with heated debates happening at the local, state, and national levels – it is important to base arguments in fact and historical context. This 2012 Washington Post feature by David E. Drew provides both reliable data and important context for understanding America’s past, current, and future academic standing in the world.

"Some argue that if you remove the test scores of students in poverty from America’s performance, our test scores are among the best in the world. Then, they say, you are comparing apples with apples, since we have a much higher poverty rate than most other countries..."

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Million Dropouts
Some 1.1 million American students drop out of school every year.
Nearly 44 percent of dropouts under age 24 are jobless, and the unemployment rate of high school dropouts older than 25 is more than three times that of college graduates.
Each cohort of dropouts costs the U.S. $192 billion in lost income and taxes.
Of Employers
report that new employees with four-year college degrees lacked “excellent” basic knowledge and applied skills
Our annual GDP could increase by $525 billion by closing the gap between white students and their black and Latino peers.
Less than half of American students – 46% – finish college. The U.S. Ranks last among 18 countries.

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