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America Succeeds Update: August 2021

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It’s that time of the year! Most of you are getting ready for back-to-school, and we’ve been busy too.

From participating in a panel at the ASU + GSV Summit, late-summer vacations, and dropping kids off at college (Hook ‘Em Horns and Go Bobcats!) – we’re excited to update you on what we’ve been doing.

America Succeeds

Revaluing the Currency of “Power” Skills in K-12

What were formerly known as “soft skills” are back, and they’re anything but soft. Rather, they’re the skills that power entire careers.

A recent analysis by us here at America Succeeds and Emsi showed that 7 of the top 10 most requested skills in job postings are what we’ve termed “Durable Skills.” As automation increases its reach, these skills are the currency of the future workforce. So how do we bring those front and center in K-12 to prepare all students for success? 

Click the video below, and learn more!

Jamie Candee (Edmentum), Luke Jankovic (Emsi Burning Glass), Courtney Reilly (GSV Summit / Skillsline), Sarah Young (Utah State Board of Education), and Stephanie Short (America Succeeds).

Durable Skills in an Employee-Based Market

After we recover from COVID-19, a new, slower moving crisis looms. As a nation, we are facing a sansdemic – a shortage of workers that will likely affect businesses, colleges, and school districts nationwide.

We are shifting from an employer-based market (where there are multiple people to fill every role) to an employee-based market.

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What Does the American Rescue Plan Mean for Our States’ Schools?

When Congress approved the American Rescue Plan earlier this year – earmarking an incredible $190 billion for education – state education agencies were tasked with identifying the leading issues facing their schools and students and submitting plans on how they would address those issues with their share of the federal aid money.

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