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America Succeeds Update: July 2023

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Looking back at our impact in 2023 … so far.

We’ve hit the mid-year mark, and things are heating up at America Succeeds. Our July newsletter highlights the resources that America Succeeds has published in the first six months of 2023. Visit our research and resources page to find these reports, and learn more links between Durable Skills education and workforce development.

Skillsline Case Study

Our *NEWEST* case study is now live! Learn about the Skillsline platform, which is helping learners quickly develop their Durable Skills and leading them towards successful careers.

Skillsline is modernizing soft (durable) skill delivery by meeting learners where they are with an engaging mobile learning platform…”

Read the full case study to learn more about how the Skillsline learning platform is paving the way for future workforce development initiatives.

America Succeeds and skillsline partnered to create the Skillsine case study

No Worker Left Behind

No Worker Left Behind - America Succeeds cover image

Discover innovative solutions to tackle talent shortages and revolutionize your workforce. The report reveals the immense potential of skills-based hiring, urging businesses to seize the opportunity and tap into a wider pool of talent.

It also emphasizes the importance of smart state policies, empowering your workforce to make informed decisions, and forging strategic cross-sector partnerships to ensure that “No Worker is Left Behind.”

Read the report now to gain actionable insights and a competitive edge in the market.

Design for Delight Case Study

Check out our collaborative case study with Intuit and Getting Smart. This report showcases “Design for Delight,” a fresh approach to sparking creativity and critical thinking in high school students through design thinking.

“In an era where companies are facing persistent global talent shortages and a growing skills gap, programs preparing students with the Durable Skills they need to be job-ready are more crucial than ever.”

Read the full case study for further insights. (Listen to our podcast here.)

Intuit + America Succeeds Durable Skills Case Study Cover Page

And, there’s still more to come.

Keep an eye out for the Durable Skills competency framework, coming to your inbox soon. (Make sure to join the supporting coalition to receive this resource as soon as it goes live.)

In the meantime, we wanted to say thank you again to everyone who participated in the development process – 900 organizations across the country weighed in to create a ‘common lexicon’ for Durable Skills. We appreciate your support. 

Read here to learn more about the work we’ve embarked on over the past year in partnership with CompTIA.

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