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COVID-19 Update: Free Learning Resources & Information

Like many organizations, the America Succeeds team has been focused on how to best support our community as we confront the global challenge of COVID-19.

First and most importantly, we recognize and appreciate the incredible work of those at the forefront of the response who are meeting critical needs. Thank you to our healthcare workers, grocers, retailers, pharmacies, and the incredible organizations across the country working with those most impacted by this crisis – especially our students.

We also recognize the significance of individuals and families adjusting to working and learning from home. Missing school isn’t easy for students or parents. Many parents are concerned about children losing critical educational time and navigating the wealth of available online options is a challenge on top of rapidly changing workplace policies.

To help with the transition, we have curated an overview of free resources and recommendations to facilitate learning at home. [Download a PDF version here – and please share it with your family, friends, and coworkers!]

Key takeaways and resources for remote learning during the COVID-19 outbreak:

  • Recommendations for parents: Start by keeping a routine which emphasizes learning, but that doesn’t mean the whole day has to be about school. Try incorporating regular movement breaks, making the most of outdoor space, and remember that it’s okay to let your child get bored. Additional information can be found on these helpful pages from EdNavigator and TNTP.
  • Navigating providers and resources: Many resources offer content across a full range of curriculum, like Khan Academy, the Crash Course YouTube channel, and Brain Pop – which is also available in Spanish. If you’d like to dig in by subject matter, check out Epic for access to online books, Zearn for K-5 math lessons, or IXL for interactive social studies lessons. (The original PBS “Bill Nye, the Science Guy” episodes are also online here.)
  • Consider off-line learning options: Looking for something to do without a device or screen? Download a worksheet from Scholastic, take a drawing class with a professional artist, or encourage your child to pick up a book.

View the full list of recommendations and resources on the America Succeeds website here. *Disclaimer: These resources are not an endorsement of any particular content or curriculum.

Finally, as responses to the COVID-19 outbreak are rapidly unfolding, we highly encourage you to watch for updates from your state’s education system. Navigating our current situation requires adjustments, flexibility, and agility on every level – to get a snapshot of your state’s actions, check out this resource from ExcelinEd.

We hope that you and your families stay safe and healthy during this trying time.

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