Pulling Back the Curtain

How Colorado’s Transparency Law Sheds New Light on School Funding

In this report, Pulling Back the Curtain: How Colorado’s Transparency Law Sheds New Light on School Funding, we chronicle the evolution and enactment of a signature piece of education policy that unveils how money is being spent at every public school.

Here, we share what we’ve learned and encourage others to push for easy access to critical school data in every state. While the politics may vary from place to place, the principal need for transparency and accountability in school funding and performance is universal.

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Every teacher has this kind of anecdote; it’s part of the craziness of public education. The number of copies you can make is rationed. There’s no money for field trips. And then suddenly, late in the year, or even at random points during the year, the principal comes to you and says, ‘we have $30,000 that must be spent right away or we lose it. What do you need?’ It seemed crazy to me, to have no money for so much of the year and then suddenly huge money comes in and a lot of it goes to waste.” Damion LeeNatali, Senator Mike Johnston’s Chief of Staff

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