Google Invests in the Future of Technology, Preparing People for the Age of Agility

Last week, Google announced a $600 million investment to expand their data center in Pryor, Oklahoma. The investment created an additional 100 jobs in the area. This announcement arrived alongside similar ones about funds granted to data centers in Michigan and Texas. In total, Google is investing $13 billion in data centers across the country.

Embedding Agility into Education: Agile Amped Podcast

Jason Gaulden sat down with Leslie Morse at the Business Agility Conference 2019. They talked about the Age of Agility on the Accenture | Solutions IQ Agile Amped podcast. Read more and listen to their conversation below.

Op-Ed: In Our Changing Economy, We Need Flexible Systems to Usher In an Age of Agility for Tomorrow’s Workforce

Recently, Pathway 2 Tomorrow: Local Visions for America’s Future (P2T) announced the winners of its $100,000 Innovation Award for bold, transformative education solutions. One theme that emerged from among the 240 stakeholders who submitted proposals involves disrupting the traditional education pathway — redesigning the intersection between education and workforce preparation cohesively, across all segments of education, to be agile and responsive to communities and prepare students to succeed in a time of changing economic demands.